Daily inspirations

Choices and Reality

And reverse… Your reality has been shaped from your choices.. Choices on what to do, how to do it or how to respond to things that are happening and are out of our control..

Want to change something in your life? It’s up to your choice ยก!

Daily inspirations

5 by 5 rule

Sometimes when facing a problem, a technique to assess the importance of the situation with a clearer perspective is to ask yourself:

“In a scale from 0 to 10, how important will this problem be in 5 years?”

The answer will help you understand that sometimes we value problems as more important as they truly are..

So be calm. Not worry more than needed. Live happier.

Daily inspirations

Thoughts are not facts…

When presenting with negatives or stressful thoughts try to take a break and consider:

” Are my thoughts helpful?”

“Which are the evidence for and against these thoughts?”

“Is there a more accurate way that I can view this situation?”

Often, our negative and worrying thoughts are not exactly accurate. Trying to consider the facts that not only support but also disprove our specific thought will help up replace dynsfactional thoughts with more accurate ones.